Director of Operations Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Director of Operations?

Director of Operations in Boston:
"Don't wait, learn it yourself!"
So often, people are overloaded with tasks and responsibilities. Rather than waiting for someone to teach you something you need to know or do it for you, reach out and learn how to do it yourself. You will greatly increase your global understanding of your role and how you fit in with the company, and your worth as an employee will increase dramatically.

Director of Operations in Houston:
Pros: Working as a team and great hospitals here.
Cons: The traffic and some language barriers.

Director of Operations in Dayton:
Pros: City is clean. There are a lot of activities after work hours. Easy to get around.
Cons: There are many competitors in our region. Traffic can sometimes be an issue. The labor pool seems strained.

Director of Operations in Madison:
Pros: Fringe Benefits.
Cons: Stress Level.

Director of Operations in Saginaw:
Know exactly their expectations and career paths, promotions to be able to grow within the company, raises.

Director of Operations in New York:
As a new employee, watch and learn the politics of the organization. Get as much training in managing budgets as possible.

Director of Operations in Fort Collins:
Pros: Hour flexibility, working remotely, control over organization and process creation, challenging/not boring, I can do my job anywhere.
Cons: Changes all the time, working with highly technical people and explaining errors/issues, stress level, training/managing employees remotely.