Human Resources (HR) Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Human Resources (HR) Coordinator?

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Charlotte:
"Pay Increase."
Pros: Flex work schedule and people.
Cons: The compensation.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Olathe:
Pros: Working with people I enjoy working with and learning new things everyday!
Cons: The pay.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Linthicum:
This is a job for those who enjoy a variety of tasks, are very organized, and care about customer service for their employees.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Jersey City:
Pros: Working in a very diversified field. Opportunity to work in so many different areas, from employees relations to Internal communication. Be the go- to- person for employees. Opportunity to implement new practices and improve workplace environment and increase bottom line results.
Cons: Might be sometimes very administrative- oriented. Difficult to implement new practice in certain companies. Process-oriented.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Cincinnati:
"It gives me the opportunity to gain valuable experience."
Pros: My own office, but need a bigger one with a window.
Cons: The inability to work from home, the commute. Need appreciation and pay for my experience and education.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Laurel:
Pros: - Working with employees at all levels and feeling like a make a positive difference in their professional lives and sometimes in their personal lives. - It is never dull; it changes from day to day. - I work for a great company and I'm very proud
Cons: - No matter where I work, there is always a few people who can really get under my skin and I have a few of those here. - Inequality in compensation. - Employees who are resistant to change ("Naysayers")

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Houston:
"Life in and day in HR."
Pros: I love the Payroll and Benefits aspect. The flexibility to be a Generalist and being able to touch all facets of HR.
Cons: N/A.