Human Resources (HR) Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Human Resources (HR) Coordinator?

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Dallas:
"Stress Level, Corporate Culture."
Pros: Interacting with new and old corporate employee's in all departments.
Cons: Manager is very negative, seems as though she is a back stabber, will talk really nice to your face but then will turn around and talk about you behind your back. Says really inappropriate things and complains that HR is just a peon since we are in the staffing industry and our department doesn't make the company any money.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in New York:
"Interesting work."
Pros: I am learning a lot. Each day is different because so many different things can happen in HR.
Cons: Not a lot of growth, salary is extremely low.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in San Fernando:
"Good Choice."
Pros: It is rewarding. You get to assist the staff and inspire them to be more productive employees.
Cons: High stress. Heavy work load.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Houston:
"HR Corporate World."
Pros: Having inside knowledge of what hiring managers are looking for in new candidates. Exposure to all job positions and salaries. On-boarding new executives. Being well-versed on the company's policies and procedures. Having extensive knowledge of the companies benefits.
Cons: Too much paperwork and information. Having to complete safety in-services every year.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in Phoenix:
"HR Is An Amazing Place To Be If You Are Involved Management."
Pros: Knowing that my company helps people and our community. I am proud of what the company as a whole stands for. I enjoy knowing on a daily basis that I'm assisting our employees country wide. It is fulfilling to know that even the small tasks matter.
Cons: The slight flexible work schedule has been robbed from a few of us. Almost constant threats of write ups and possible termination for tardiness (less than 5 minutes). There's another new person on my team that has a special work schedule, somehow that's not bending the "new rules." A few people got promotions because they are loud and rude.

Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in 94588:
Pros: Can you juggle many different things at one time? This job is for you!
Cons: Drama, drama, drama!