Information Technology Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Information Technology Specialist?

Information Technology Specialist in Atlanta:
Pros: The flexibility, and freedom.
Cons: Can be very difficult.

Information Technology Specialist in Collegeville:
"Research what you should be paid."
Pay attention to details; take notes; ask clear questions.

Information Technology Specialist in Tulsa:
"Multi-tasking is a MUST."
Pros: Some of my clients are the most wonderful people I've known these past 3 years. Some are more challenging than others, but I love staying comfortable with things I know completely. The level of interaction is pleasing, and the workers are like family.
Cons: Loss of Integrity. Lack of: - Management. - Support. - Communication. - Acknowledgement. - Professionalism.

Information Technology Specialist in Spokane:
"Work Hard, Play Hard."
Pros: Able to get certifications and other schooling when needed at no expense to you unless you fail the course. Most of the time supervisors are willing to let you leave for appointments that involve family and can spare not having you with out making you take the day off.
Cons: High stress, high demand with budget cuts limiting people and resources available to help you and your co-workers. Sometimes it's hard to leadership to see the struggle because you and your team seem to still make ends meet.

Information Technology Specialist in Greenville:
Read as much about software and hardware as you can. Learn the old DOS to help understand how an OS operates. Be courteous to your customers. Learn how software can be used for more than the intended purpose.

Information Technology Specialist in San Antonio:
"Civilian Pay."
Pros: Being able to work on computers.
Cons: Probably not making as much as the civilian world would be making.

Information Technology Specialist in Springfield:
Pros: Laid-back.
Cons: Can be too laid-back.