Information Technology Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Information Technology Specialist?

Information Technology Specialist in Washington:
"Best problem solving and solution development job ever."
Pros: I am able to work with ease and solve problems on the go by any means necessary. The people I work with count on me to make sure the tools they use are working good on a constant basis with little disruption.
Cons: Traffic in the area is a pain. But I manage.

Information Technology Specialist in Baltimore:
"Juggle 10,000 things."
Pros: Being able to come to the rescue for people who appreciate it.
Cons: Getting abused by people who think of you as a plummer for computers and that you should be onsite within 5 minutes even though you support 700 people.

Information Technology Specialist in Pittsburgh:
Pros: I enjoy working with a diverse group of people and taking care of the systems that are used to help veterans. I like working in the city.
Cons: Tasked with things that are outside the scope of an IT Specialist. No room to advance in my career. Limited access to our systems to troubleshoot and learn. Not trusted by upper management to have access to our systems. Micro managed. Overly secure to the point it is very time consuming to do my job, sometimes impossible. Lack of equipment to support the agency. Communication throughout the agency is non existent at best. No management on site. Not trusted to have supervisory tasks though I am qualified. Discrimination by my director. Favoritism towards my directors local employees.

Information Technology Specialist in Santa Fe:
""Other duties as assigned" can mean ANYTHING."
This job title is so broad and ambiguous that you could end up doing almost anything. I called myself an IT "jack of all trades" in my interview; it seems like they didn't hear the "IT" part. And I'm not paid what I'm worth (or what I used to make) - I traded a lot of cash for the assurance that I can take leave without pay to travel when I run out of paid leave. Was that a fair trade? Only time will tell.

Information Technology Specialist in Dahlgren:
"Do the Best You Can Always."
Find another Job... You have high and huge responsibility; however the personal you "umbrella" over do not share that idea. While you are a necessity, you will often feel like an "Unsung Hero". But your position is required by Federal Government and Non-Government Companies for ensurance and insurance reasons. I encourage you to take pride in what you do because your Project requires and needs you. And while you are treated as a Second Class Citizen most of the time, have faith in the fact that regardless they realize they need you, you are the one "umbrella" that helps and makes them succeed.

Information Technology Specialist in Lima:
Pros: Helping people with tech problems.
Cons: Lower wage, not management.

Information Technology Specialist in Delavan:
Pros: I like the freedom to be able to work at my own pace and the challenges I face.
Cons: Some of the people I have to deal with aren't the nicest.