Office Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Assistant?

Office Assistant in Rockville:
"Working in Telecom."
Pros: Flexibility, the casual enenvironment, a cafeteria onsite, fitness center onsite and the location is convenient from home.
Cons: I am not a permanent employee and I am unsure of the outlook of my position.

Office Assistant in Jacksonville:
Cons: Long commute. Too much traffic.

Office Assistant in Riverside:
Pros: The ability to go anywhere in my career.
Cons: The pay.

Office Assistant in Sheridan:
Pros: I like how my supervisor activily cares about his team members, and consistently takes on motivating them...wanting to build them up...not putting them down.
Cons: I can already that the other females in the office are extremely gossipy and dramatic; unlike me. To each their own and I keep to myself.

Office Assistant in Modesto:
"That office staff shouldn't be in the reception area."
To be prepared to not to be able to focus.

Office Assistant in GAUTENG:
"About the contract."
Make sure about the contract and the company policies.

Office Assistant in Sacramento:
"Inconsistent Work Environment."
Pros: I like being employed. I enjoy periods that are busy and that challenge me.
Cons: I do not like that I frequently do not have enough work to do. I do not like that I am treated warily on tasks that I am more than capable of performing. I do not like that I am alone in the office the majority of the time. I do not like that I have not received an evaluation in over two years of employment. I do not like that it always falls upon me to pick up the trash and excrement and dirty needles that are left outside of our office. I do not like the poor communication and unprofessionalism that exists in the office.