Receptionist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Receptionist?

Receptionist in Farmington Hills:
"Corporate Culture, Stress Level, Great Management."
Pros: I like the people I work with. I love the office administrator she is very unique and understanding. I love the professionalism the firm has. I love that I'm given the chance to figure things out on my own, that I'm not degraded for making any mistakes, that I'm treated like an adult. I love the atmosphere. I like that I'm gaining experience in administrative work, that they are willing to train me.
Cons: I'm bored with a lot of the work that I do. It's repetitive. The switchboard can be overwhelming. The owner of the firm is extremely particular. It is hard dealing with 59 different personalities on a daily basis, not including clients who come in. I can't leave my desk when I need to even if just to use the restroom.

Receptionist in Norristown:
"Gate keeper."
Pros: Special projects.
Cons: No company communication.

Receptionist in Mountain Home:
"Best Job Ever."
Pros: Learning new skin care products and services. Sharing information with clients and demonstrating how to pallet products.
Cons: Janitorial work.

Receptionist in Toronto:
Pros: Variety of work.
Cons: As receptionist, it is most frustrating that 80% of calls transferred only go to voice mail. Most calls bounce back to reception to deal with.

Receptionist in Pine Bluff:
"Desk work."
Pros: Interacting the different people everyday.
Cons: Having nothing to do some times.

Receptionist in Milwaukee:
Pros: The work environment is laid back, they do pay you for holiday pay once you have been part of the company for 1 year.
Cons: The patients that you have to deal with daily are very rude, ill-mannered, impolite, and disrespectful.

Receptionist in Las Vegas:
Pros: Get everything done and no one complains.
Cons: Not enough income, far from home.