Receptionist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Receptionist?

Receptionist in Kenmore:
"Constant communications by phone and in person."
Pros: The elderly resididents, meeting resident families and helping everyone that comes into the building. Keeping necessary records for State Licences.
Cons: Lack of accountability in some employees. Rules vary for different employees.

Receptionist in Houston:
"Extent of all duties included."
Be prepared to clean up behind your fellow co-workers.

Receptionist in Louisville:
"All the administrative duties."
Learn MS Excel and 10-key adding machine skills.

Receptionist in East Windsor:
"I wish I knew there was room to grow."
Try to get a college education or apply for an opening within the company.

Receptionist in Nashville:
Pros: Meeting people and making new relationships with people who come in.
Cons: I am not learning anything. I do not interact with people throughout the day. I am not putting my degree to use. I do not have a lot to do with my free time.

Receptionist in Chicago:
Pros: I really like the people who work with me.
Cons: Feel rather underpaid at times.

Receptionist in Tacoma:
Pros: Atmosphere, casual working environment.
Cons: Pay is low, some labor, micro-managing.