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The average pay for a Relationship Manager with SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) skills is {{pay}} per hour.

The average pay for a Relationship Manager with SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) skills is $68,700 per year.

MEDIAN $68,700

Job Description for Relationship Manager

Relationship managers, in essence, are members of a company who are assigned to communicating with certain entities outside or inside of the company. There are several types of relationship managers, which mainly differ in terms of who they deal with: Relationship managers can communicate with other businesses, clients, customers, vendors, communities, etc. Relationship managers' main job duty is to make sure that adequate communication is maintained with these entities. Relationship managers who deal with clients and customers can explain what the company does, what ethics the company is bound by, and why the client should choose this company over any competitors. Relationship managers will typically work within a company in customer service or often as part of a sales department. They are able to explain customers' and clients' needs and what steps should be taken in order to fulfill those needs, as well as any legal boundaries that exist between the company and outside entities such as contractual obligations and legal restrictions. As such, relationship managers are tasked with keeping up with communications involving the company and its clients, vendors, etc. as a whole, or can focus on one or several specific clients or vendors. Ultimately, they work to ensure that client relationships are as fluid and harmonious as possible while adhering to their company's guidelines and standards. (Copyright 2018 PayScale.com)

Relationship Manager Tasks

  • Cultivate new clients through referrals and calling efforts to achieve individual and team revenue goals.
  • Develop effective ways to promote brand awareness that lead to measurable business results.
  • Ensure continuity of high quality service, product delivery, and responsiveness to client needs.

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Relationship Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Relationship Manager?

Relationship Manager in Salt Lake City:
"Satisfying but not fairly paid."
Pros: Helping clients and positively impacting their business.
Cons: Management not understanding internally how much effort this position requires. Thus pay is much lower than what it should be.

Relationship Manager in Kansas City:
Pros: Working with the clients and helping them update their current services and selling them new services to help them improve their processes.

Relationship Manager in Houston:
"Be in touch with the clients in the assigned portfolio."
Learn the aspects of the role and the various team members that you must work with to facilitate client requests.

Relationship Manager in Jacksonville:
"Pay Gap."
I wish I knew my Company's promotion practices.

Relationship Manager in Seattle:
"What I wish I knew."
Unorganized, out of scope of job description duties, not fully utilizing potential.

Relationship Manager in San Diego:
"Excellent Culture And Brand."
Pros: I like the freedom and trust that management gives employees, especially compared to other financial companies.
Cons: Seems like the salaries are a little lower than most in the industry.

Relationship Manager in Dayton:
"High Stress, Long Hours, Big Egos."
Pros: The Responsibilities I am entrusted with.
Cons: My lack of ability to manage my own schedule or workload.

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Less than 1 year
1-4 years
10-19 years
20 years or more

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1-4 years
10-19 years
20 years or more

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Dental: 100%
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Vision: 50%
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