Restaurant Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Restaurant Manager?

Restaurant Manager in Columbus:
"I love working for Taco Bell, it is a great place to work. ."
Pros: The employess and the customers.
Cons: The way they change things so much and contradict themselves(The GM and area coach).

Restaurant Manager in Baltimore:
Pros: Managing the staff.
Cons: People above me that do not recognize how well I do much job.

Restaurant Manager in Pompano:
"Be very friendly."
Have a lot of patient.

Restaurant Manager in New York:
Pros: Flexible Hours, Fun atmosphere, get to talk to new people every day.
Cons: Disorganized, dealing with cranky guests, improper training.

Restaurant Manager in York:
Pros: The people, the job title and the franchise as a whole.
Cons: Long hours under paid large amount of responsibility for low compensation.

Restaurant Manager in Texas City:
"No title."
Be prepared to do good for the group which means to have a team driven focus on all levels of staff.

Restaurant Manager in Valdosta:
"It was good except General did not take responsible."
Pros: Working enviroment.
Cons: The fact that people do not like to come to work when schedule but always want extra hours.