Restaurant Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Restaurant Manager?

Restaurant Manager in Monroe:
"Depending on others is hard."
Be fair with everyone including yourself.

Restaurant Manager in Parkesburg:
Work hard and be a hands on manager. Care about your staff. Happy staff happy customers. Less turn over.

Restaurant Manager in Miami:
"Customer service."
Be Patience and listen to what the customer has to say and why.

Restaurant Manager in Verona:
"I enjoy it."
Pros: The people.
Cons: To many hours not enough pay.

Restaurant Manager in El Paso:
"Love it."
Pros: Training Cracker Barrel is the best on this category and the interaction with guest and employees.
Cons: Some times the amount of hours can be up to 13 hours daily.

Restaurant Manager in Montgomery:
"Corporate company, hours vary, can get stressful."
Pros: No two days are the same. It is a solid company with a proven success record.
Cons: I wish that restaurant teams could help in the menu creation. There needs to be more flexibility in some menu selections per store.

Restaurant Manager in Dallas:
"Love what you do."
Make sure you love what you do. The restaurant business is hard work, not for everyone. Dealing with the public can be very difficult.