Retail Shift Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Retail Shift Supervisor?

Retail Shift Supervisor in Naples:
Pros: The pay and the benefits.
Cons: Constant chaotic environment.

Retail Shift Supervisor in Costa Mesa:
Pros: Working with people I consider my friends is the biggest plus to my work week.
Cons: Snooty customers who complain about the world not revolving around them 24/7. Corporate compliance checklists that are filled out and not verified, due to lack, time are a daily pointless task. Angry drugged up customers don't know a thing about their medical insurance so you get the blame. There is never enough efficient employees working at one time to finish the endless tasks. Trash digging bums that steal trash receipts to complete (stolen) merchandise returns stress me out. Security cameras cannot be used to identify criminals due to lack of picture quality are useless. Management place favorites as to who is allowed to be late to work, get promotions, or get extra help on tasks. Well dressed customers with 1st world problems who cry at the stress of not being able to connect their phones to a photo kiosk machine need to reassess their emotional priorities.

Retail Shift Supervisor in Oneonta:
"Stressful but manageable."
Pros: The associates I currently work with.
Cons: The Only person I don't enjoy is a manager higher up than myself.

Retail Shift Supervisor in Cortland:
Pros: Management team is great to work with. They are very flexible for the most part.
Cons: Allotted weekly hours really needs to be based on each store and not on district. To many tasks needed to be done perfectly at once with not enough hours to do them.

Retail Shift Supervisor in Lawrenceville:
Pros: The people.
Cons: Standing on my feet for long hours.

Retail Shift Supervisor in Middletown:
"Can be stressful, and fun at times."
Pros: I have a say in how certain merchandise gets merchandised, and build sales. Also I can direct people on how to get a task done quickly.
Cons: Not enough time to get tasks accomplished. You are basically trying to do everything in the store, with only one other person running register.

Retail Shift Supervisor in Las Vegas:
Get to know your employees.