Retail Shift Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Retail Shift Supervisor?

Retail Shift Supervisor in Philipsburg:
Pros: Hours and training, friendly environment.
Cons: Lack of employees, no hours, to much work underpaid not enough people that understand current technology.

Retail Shift Supervisor in Indianapolis:
"Good co-workers."
Pros: The opportunity to learn all aspects of retail.
Cons: Not enough people to complete tasks assigned. Hours being cut to bare min.

Retail Shift Supervisor in New York:
"There is no place to grow. Work as a store manager without y."
Pros: The customers and the things I have learned through the years.
Cons: They treat you as if your a store manager without the pay or the promotion. They expect you to bend over backwards for them when they don't give you any inclination that you will grow and be promoted.

Retail Shift Supervisor in walgreens:
"Crazy, no authority, lack of competent employees."
Pros: The customers.
Cons: Lazy employees, doing my job and everyone elses, promised promotions ive never received, ridiculous work hours. Management picks out all flaws instead of helping to succeed. Stressful.

Retail Shift Supervisor in Winston-Salem:
"A very stressful and challenging job. Tremendous daily work."
Pros: My store manager is the best which makes me not mind coming to work.
Cons: My income recently capped. No more raise.I have no incentive to do more?

Retail Shift Supervisor in Winchester:
Pros: Can do manager duties.
Cons: Undermined by other employees in same position.

Retail Shift Supervisor in Mount Carmel:
"Very stressful."
Pros: The interaction with some of the people. The responsibility of managing others.
Cons: Short staffed, the workload, the angry customers when things happen that are out of my control.