Senior Customer Service Representative (CSR) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Senior Customer Service Representative (CSR)?

Senior Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Roanoke:
"City Culture."
Pros: Small area. Traffic/Commute. Good Diversity. Cost of Living. Cultural Events.
Cons: Small City. Not Many Job Opportunities. Pay Rates.

Senior Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Martinez:
Pros: Short commute. Fair weather.
Cons: Small town.

Senior Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Phoenix:
Pros: Benefits, the ability to pay for things.
Cons: Every day you're being drained of 8 hours of your life that could have been used to do what you wanted to do.

Senior Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Kittery:
"Be engaged with your customers!"
If you want returning customers and increased sales, you need to use your expertise and listening skills to show the customer you are focused on their individual needs. Respond in a dedicated and honest fashion. Prioritize steps needed to insure that you can deliver a product professionally and successfully with constraints of time and workload.

Senior Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Cincinnati:
"New Territory."
Pros: I've noticed my role at School Outfitters take new shape since I started there. As the company and department grows, I've had opportunities to develop new skills and undergo new training as a senior agent that has not been explored before. I helped in writing a manual for the Senior Customer Relations agent role for other reps who got promoted after me. I've come to be valued as a mentor for other reps look up to since I've gone through much of the training they went through with fewer resources and succeeded.
Cons: Some of this has caused much stress as I have had to learn from mistakes made based on my lack of knowledge or unforeseen missteps that came from my training.

Senior Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Cincinnati:
"Treat Your Customers Well."
Give your customer contacts your best efforts on each & every opportunity. Grade yourself periodically. Ask yourself if you did the best you could in a certain situation. Learn from contacts you do business with both professionally or as a customer yourself. Did a rep. At a vendor you use give "knock your socks off service"? Did an individual go out of their way to help you as a customer? Incorporate the positive aspects of encounters into your toolbox. Learn from the poor service you receive & vow never to be like that to one your customers.

Senior Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Oakland:
Stay abreast on Congressional and IRM changes; properly research the account to ensure complete and thorough understanding of the account.