Sous Chef Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sous Chef?

Sous Chef in Chapel Hill, North Carolina:
Pros: Nice fun town
Cons: Students

Sous Chef in Phoenix:
Pros: Weather
Cons: Heat

Sous Chef in San Antonio:
"So you want to be a chef?"
Prepare for long hours 10-15 a day. Lots of paperwork, computer work. Don't let your line skills get rusty.

Sous Chef in New York:
Pros: Managed people.
Cons: The team not respected.

Sous Chef in Portland:
"Living the Dream."
Pros: I love the ability to creat food that makes clients happy and provide flavors that makes them come back for more and more. I love doing what I was born to do cook with love and passion.
Cons: It can be difficult to work with unhappy employees who have been in the field too long and are in need if a change in career, but are afraid to make the change. Time constraints can be a challenge, food errors can be quite costly and unhappy clients can become a nightmare.

Sous Chef in Durham:
"Being a sous chef is a very interesting experience for me."
Pros: The chance to broaden my view.
Cons: Stress levels.

Sous Chef in Ann Arbor:
"I like the area very much."