Technical Support Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Technical Support Specialist?

Technical Support Specialist in Columbia, Missouri:
"Low cost of living."
Pros: My parents both live here
Cons: The drive acrossed town

Technical Support Specialist in Wichita, Kansas:
"It's not the worst place to work."
Pros: Being close to family
Cons: Very small job market for my skillset. Most jobs are in sales

Technical Support Specialist in South San Francisco, California:
"It's a job."
Pros: The location is next to the bay.
Cons: 32 mile commute.

Technical Support Specialist in Raleigh, North Carolina:
Pros: I'm closer to home.
Cons: Nothing

Technical Support Specialist in Buford, Georgia:
"Cost to live exceeds earning potential."
Pros: Suburban area, less traffic than city
Cons: The coat of living compared to what I am making

Technical Support Specialist:
It wasn't really a job that I would recommend to most. I didn't feel all that appreciated as a remote employee, no benefits and when approaching management with ideas, was mostly ignored. There wasn't really anything to help prevent burn out for support staff, and we were expected to bend over backwards and adjust our schedules to suit them with no consideration to us.

Technical Support Specialist in Columbus, Georgia:
Pros: I am able to be close to my family.
Cons: I am able to be close to my family.