Technical Support Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Technical Support Specialist?

Technical Support Specialist in Grand Island:
"Get a Degree."
Pros: Multiple entry level positions
Cons: Thick glass ceiling

Technical Support Specialist:
I have really appreciated my time working for Asurion. The company does a lot of the little things to show appreciation for employees that I've never experienced with any other company. The culture is one that celebrates individuality and achievement. There is a lot of promotion from within. Overall, it's a great experience even if it's not your final destination.

Technical Support Specialist in Spokane:
"Pacific North West."
Pros: The area.
Cons: Pay.

Technical Support Specialist in Seattle:
Pros: It's got a lot of opportunity.
Cons: It's expensive.

Technical Support Specialist in Canyon Country:
Pros: I don't work in Canyon Country, I work an hour away through traffic in Chatsworth, CA.

Technical Support Specialist in Salt Lake City:
"Work Review."
Pros: What I liked most about the job was learning new ways to work with technology and how to work with less technical people to assist them with their services.
Cons: The least thing I liked about my job was dealing with unpleasant customers that may either give you a bad review for something that's not your fault or getting screamed or cursed at, but that's part of the job and you have to rely on your customer service skills so you can shift from the problem to the solution.

Technical Support Specialist in Greensboro:
"Back Woods Confederate Losers Build Woolworths For Food."
Pros: Weather, people, driving.
Cons: Weather, people, driving.