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Most Popular Marketing Manager Schools

Interested in pursuing a career as a marketing manager? Find out where other marketing managers attended college. Here's the list of most popular marketing schools, as reported by graduates with jobs in the field of marketing.


Most Popular Marketing Manager Schools - Full List
Marketing Manager Schools
University of California , Irvine
Emerson College
Southern Methodist University (SMU)
North Central College
Colorado State University (CSU), Fort Collins
Smith College
Chapman University
Loyola Marymount University
Azusa Pacific University
University of San Diego (USD)
Fashion Institute of Technology
Fairfield University
University of Wisconsin (UW) - Eau Claire
Texas Christian University (TCU)
George Washington University (GWU)
Syracuse University
Carroll College
Pepperdine University
Georgetown University
DePaul University
All data is limited to those with a Bachelor's degree and no higher degrees who work full-time in the United States. Schools are listed in descending order of percentage of total graduates who report having the given job title. Foreign, military, and business only schools were excluded, as well as those for which there was insufficient data to conclude the popularity of a job title amongst the schools graduates. This chart is based upon PayScale Salary Survey data, and may not represent all individuals who have graduated from these schools. See full methodology for more.