Salary Madness 2011
Salary Madness
PayScale's 2011 Men's College Basketball Predictions By the Dollars
Sinking three-pointers and slam dunking are impressive during the tournament. But, once it's over, which schools' graduates will be scoring the highest paychecks? See the winners in our annual Salary Madness bracket.
1st Round               2nd Round              Salary 16        Top Earning 8      Fat Wallet Four    Championship   Fat Wallet Four    Top Earning 8      Salary 16            2nd Round                  1st Round
Pay-In Games
The brackets that are highlighted in green are Squeakers - the narrow salary difference (2-5%) was wide enough to pick a winner, but just barely.
The brackets that are highlighted in blue are Toss Ups - the tiny salary difference (<2%) makes the outcome statistically too close to call, but we selected the higher salary team to move on anyway.

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