Best Value Colleges for Social work-criminal-justice

If you plan to study social work with an emphasis on criminal justice in college, you’re more than likely to be heading into a career working with inmates, recently released ex-offenders, or people identified for targeted secondary prevention or intervention programs. Social workers are responsible for identifying rehabilitative services the justice system originally intended with correctional facilities, or to support family members impacted by offender actions.

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Graduation Rate
Typical Years to Graduate
Average Loan Amount
Rank:1School Name:
Duke University (Private)
20 Year Net ROI:$641,000Total 4 Year Cost:$262,000Graduation Rate:95%Typical Years to Graduate:4Average Loan Amount:$24,700
Rank:2School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$539,000Total 4 Year Cost:$89,000Graduation Rate:63%Typical Years to Graduate:5Average Loan Amount:$23,900
Rank:3School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$486,000Total 4 Year Cost:$141,000Graduation Rate:63%Typical Years to Graduate:5Average Loan Amount:$23,900
Rank:4School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$447,000Total 4 Year Cost:$93,500Graduation Rate:48%Typical Years to Graduate:5Average Loan Amount:$21,700
Rank:5School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$425,000Total 4 Year Cost:$99,300Graduation Rate:86%Typical Years to Graduate:4Average Loan Amount:$32,400
Rank:6School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$402,000Total 4 Year Cost:$138,000Graduation Rate:48%Typical Years to Graduate:5Average Loan Amount:$21,700
Rank:7School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$380,000Total 4 Year Cost:$111,000Graduation Rate:67%Typical Years to Graduate:5Average Loan Amount:$28,000
Rank:8School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$364,000Total 4 Year Cost:$139,000Graduation Rate:92%Typical Years to Graduate:4Average Loan Amount:$23,900
Rank:9School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$348,000Total 4 Year Cost:$121,000Graduation Rate:80%Typical Years to Graduate:4Average Loan Amount:$30,300
Rank:10School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$344,000Total 4 Year Cost:$95,700Graduation Rate:49%Typical Years to Graduate:5Average Loan Amount:$20,500

Jobs within criminal justice social work include diversion program managers, probation and parole officers, mitigation or arbitration specialists, transitional case managers, and conflict mediators.

Two celebrities who majored in political science are Martin Short and Samuel L. Jackson. I, for one, would have loved to see Jackson working with clients as a social worker.