Best Value Religious Schools

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1Duke University(Private)
20 Year Net ROI$633,000
Total 4 Year Cost$252,000
Grad Rate95%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$24,000
2Santa Clara University(Private)
20 Year Net ROI$589,000
Total 4 Year Cost$243,000
Grad Rate85%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$29,400
3Manhattan College(Private)
20 Year Net ROI$588,000
Total 4 Year Cost$211,000
Grad Rate75%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$34,300
4Brigham Young University (BYU)(Private)
20 Year Net ROI$581,000
Total 4 Year Cost$70,500
Grad Rate79%
Time to Graduate5 Years
Loan Amt$20,200
5Georgetown University - Washington D.C.(Private)
20 Year Net ROI$564,000
Total 4 Year Cost$254,000
Grad Rate95%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$25,100
6Villanova University(Private)
20 Year Net ROI$554,000
Total 4 Year Cost$239,000
Grad Rate89%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$32,400
7University of Notre Dame(Private)
20 Year Net ROI$546,000
Total 4 Year Cost$245,000
Grad Rate96%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$25,300
8Lafayette College(Private)
20 Year Net ROI$502,000
Total 4 Year Cost$243,000
Grad Rate90%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$29,100
9Boston College(Private)
20 Year Net ROI$494,000
Total 4 Year Cost$248,000
Grad Rate91%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$18,000
10Washington Adventist University(Private)
20 Year Net ROI$481,000
Total 4 Year Cost$127,000
Grad Rate40%
Time to Graduate5 Years
Loan Amt$30,400
11Mount Carmel College of Nursing(Private)
20 Year Net ROI$476,000
Total 4 Year Cost$99,100
Grad Rate64%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$34,100
12Ottawa University - Ottawa, KS(Private)
20 Year Net ROI$470,000
Total 4 Year Cost$150,000
Grad Rate31%
Time to Graduate5 Years
Loan Amt$29,800
13Fairfield University(Private)
20 Year Net ROI$463,000
Total 4 Year Cost$237,000
Grad Rate80%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$39,000
14Brigham Young University (BYU) - Idaho Campus(Private)
20 Year Net ROI$458,000
Total 4 Year Cost$47,500
Grad Rate56%
Time to Graduate6 Years
Loan Amt$18,200
15Baptist Memorial College of Health Sciences(Private)
20 Year Net ROI$448,000
Total 4 Year Cost$87,700
Grad Rate43%
Time to Graduate4 Years
Loan Amt$23,900

*NOTE: Unranked schools on this list don’t have on-campus living options, so on-campus costs are not available.

Some students are interested in pursuing careers with the church, but many students attend these colleges simply because they have excellent academic reputations and deliver an exceptional ROI.

Located in Provo, Utah, Brigham Young University -- also known as BYU, or simply The Y -- boasts a student population of more than 34,000 students, making it the largest religious university in the nation. Approximately 98 percent of students are members of the LDS Church, so religion features prominently on the 560-acre campus. BYU's 11 colleges and schools offer programs in a wide range of fields, including engineering, the liberal arts, management, law and agriculture. Many prominent members of the LDS Church have graduated from BYU, and the school counts Twilight novelist Stephenie Meyer and top Jeopardy winner Ken Jennings among its alumni.

With its close ties to the Roman Catholic Church, Manhattan College offers a return on investment students and their families are sure to appreciate. The Bronx-based school offers well-regarded undergraduate programs in fields ranging from business to engineering to the sciences. In addition to being made up of five undergraduate schools, Manhattan College offers a number of pre-professional programs. Through the years, the college has produced many illustrious graduates, including former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and prolific novelist James Patterson.

Marketing itself as "the Jesuit university in Silicon Valley," Santa Clara University is made up of six colleges, including the Jesuit School of Theology and the Leavey School of Business. More than 40 Jesuit priests and brothers serve as teachers and administrators at the highly regarded school, which also offers more than 125 clubs and organizations for students.