Best Value Colleges in Minnesota

The state of 10,000 lakes is not only a beauty to behold, it’s a great place to get your college degree without breaking the bank. With over 32 public institutions and 20 private colleges, Minnesota has a diverse offering of higher education institutions. Using Payscale’s College ROI report, you can research the best college in Minnesota ranked according to the highest 20-year net ROI, which is the amount of money you can expect to earn 20-years post-graduation. Here are the schools with the best bang for your buck in the state of Minnesota.

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RankSchool Name20 Year Net ROI
Total 4 Year Cost
Graduation Rate
Typical Years to Graduate
Average Loan Amount
Rank:1School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$500,000Total 4 Year Cost:$111,000Graduation Rate:83%Typical Years to Graduate:4Average Loan Amount:$32,700
Rank:2School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$445,000Total 4 Year Cost:$227,000Graduation Rate:75%Typical Years to Graduate:4Average Loan Amount:$36,600
Rank:3School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$444,000Total 4 Year Cost:$167,000Graduation Rate:83%Typical Years to Graduate:4Average Loan Amount:$32,700
Rank:4School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$392,000Total 4 Year Cost:$225,000Graduation Rate:76%Typical Years to Graduate:4Average Loan Amount:$37,900
Rank:5School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$369,000Total 4 Year Cost:$98,700Graduation Rate:62%Typical Years to Graduate:5Average Loan Amount:$36,600
Rank:6School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$355,000Total 4 Year Cost:$83,100Graduation Rate:48%Typical Years to Graduate:5Average Loan Amount:$32,600
Rank:7School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$350,000Total 4 Year Cost:$140,000Graduation Rate:51%Typical Years to Graduate:4Average Loan Amount:$30,500
Rank:8School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$349,000Total 4 Year Cost:$118,000Graduation Rate:62%Typical Years to Graduate:5Average Loan Amount:$36,600
Rank:9School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$342,000Total 4 Year Cost:$81,400Graduation Rate:50%Typical Years to Graduate:5Average Loan Amount:$34,900
Rank:10School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$323,000Total 4 Year Cost:$116,000Graduation Rate:48%Typical Years to Graduate:5Average Loan Amount:$32,600

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus is a small campus located in the bustling metro of St. Paul and is known for producing exceptional students majoring in areas like food safety, agricultural and natural resource sciences. Students who choose to make the St. Paul campus their home enjoy being close to the Minnesota State Fair, which happens to be the largest running state fair in the US.

In the private school category, Saint John’s University is a worthwhile option. The private school, located in Collegeville, is unique in that it is part of two campuses. Saint John’s University is for men, and the College of Saint Benedict is for women, although they both have equal access to each other’s resources and campuses. The two campuses share 3,500 acres of beautiful prairies and forests. Another perk of attending this small private college is the beauty that comes from the surrounding arboretum which covers over 2,500 acres around the campus.

While most colleges in Minnesota fall under the University of Minnesota college system, there are more public colleges to choose from in the area. Saint Cloud State has an enrollment of over 15,000 students, and has produced nearly 110,000 alumni. Unique to Saint Cloud, it is the only school in Minnesota that offers an accreditation board for engineering and technology. Students who choose to spend their college years at Saint Cloud enjoy living in the largest populated city within central Minnesota.