Best Value Colleges in Oregon

The state of Oregon is known for being green, and it’s not just because of the lush forests of the area or because the people of Oregon tend to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Those who choose to go to college in the state of Oregon earn big when it comes to the ROI on their tuition dollars. If you’re considering going to college in the Beaver State make sure you consult Payscale’s College ROI report first to ensure your choice has a high 20 year-net ROI, which is the amount of money you can expect to earn from that college over a 20 year period after graduation.

Find out exactly what you should be paid
RankSchool Name20 Year Net ROI
Total 4 Year Cost
Graduation Rate
Typical Years to Graduate
Average Loan Amount
Rank:1School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$744,000Total 4 Year Cost:$101,000Graduation Rate:56%Typical Years to Graduate:5Average Loan Amount:$25,000
Rank:2School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$544,000Total 4 Year Cost:$113,000Graduation Rate:68%Typical Years to Graduate:5Average Loan Amount:$27,900
Rank:3School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$398,000Total 4 Year Cost:$109,000Graduation Rate:54%Typical Years to Graduate:5Average Loan Amount:$22,700
Rank:4School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$396,000Total 4 Year Cost:$261,000Graduation Rate:81%Typical Years to Graduate:4Average Loan Amount:$27,300
Rank:5School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$365,000Total 4 Year Cost:$118,000Graduation Rate:74%Typical Years to Graduate:4Average Loan Amount:$33,200
Rank:6School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$345,000Total 4 Year Cost:$128,000Graduation Rate:34%Typical Years to Graduate:4Average Loan Amount:$20,100
Rank:7School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$282,000Total 4 Year Cost:$109,000Graduation Rate:50%Typical Years to Graduate:4Average Loan Amount:$26,500
Rank:8School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$280,000Total 4 Year Cost:$210,000Graduation Rate:69%Typical Years to Graduate:4Average Loan Amount:$33,500
Rank:9School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$278,000Total 4 Year Cost:$242,000Graduation Rate:67%Typical Years to Graduate:4Average Loan Amount:$33,000
Rank:10School Name:20 Year Net ROI:$264,000Total 4 Year Cost:$262,000Graduation Rate:72%Typical Years to Graduate:4Average Loan Amount:$29,500

The Oregon Institute of Technology, situated in Klamath Falls, flaunts fantastic views of the southern Cascade Mountains and Upper Klamath Lake. OIT is well-known in the area for its focus on engineering. Engineering students from OIT are highly sought after and recruited by corporations around the world. Attending OIT means attending a relatively small school, reporting only around 4,000 undergraduates enrolled in 2014. This means you can expect smaller class sizes, and more one-on-one time with OIT professors and instructors.

Home of the Beavers, Oregon State University is sure to be a pleaser for football fans. Unlike OIT, OSU is a much larger campus with an enrollment of roughly 30,000 students reported in 2014. If you have your heart set on the classic, big college experience, OSU offers the best value. And despite its large size, OSU was named one of the safest college campuses in recent years.

Although it doesn’t hurt to have among the highest ROIs of all the private schools in Oregon, perhaps the best part about attending the University of Portland is the fact that you get to live in the beautiful and eclectic city of Portland; students who attend UP benefit from the city’s rich and diverse culture, showcased by the many food and music festivals hosted in the area seemingly every day and year round.