2017-2018 College Salary Report

What It Is

PayScale surveyed 2.3 million graduates of more than 2,700 colleges and universities to create our 2017 College Salary Report; we asked respondents to report their pay, major, highest degree earned, and associate or bachelor’s school name where appropriate. Collecting this data allows us to rank colleges, universities, and courses of study by future earning potential.

How to Use It

Choosing where to attend university and what you want to study is often a difficult decision. As if you needed more to think about, your choice of school and major can greatly impact your future earning potential, as shown in our rankings. We’re not suggesting that all college students should choose their school and degree based on the potential to make a lot of money; but we do think understanding what your earning power is likely to be post-graduation is crucial in order to make a sound financial decision when selecting an institution and academic focus.

Use our rankings to help make your decision. And good luck with your studies!

2-Year Colleges

2-Year Colleges

An associate degree can lay the foundation for a successful career in just two years. This year PayScale ranked hundreds of public and private 2-year colleges by their alumni salaries.


1. Helene Fuld College of Nursing
2. Pacific Union College
3. Laboure College
4. Wentworth Institute of Technology
5. St John's University-New York

Best Undergraduate Schools

Undergraduate Schools

Find out how much alumni from nearly 1,000 undergraduate schools earn. Sort by state or school type, and now see what happens when we include alumni who go on to earn graduate degrees.


1. Harvey Mudd College
2. Princeton University
3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4. SUNY Maritime College
5. United States Military Academy

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