Best Schools For Art Majors by Salary Potential

Want to make a career out of your passion for art, but afraid of being a starving artist once you graduate? Check out design college rankings by graduate salary.

RankSchool NameEarly Career Pay
Mid-Career Pay
Rank:1School Name:Stanford UniversityEarly Career Pay:$94,800Mid-Career Pay:$156,300
Rank:2School Name:Dartmouth CollegeEarly Career Pay:$76,100Mid-Career Pay:$144,800
Rank:3School Name:University of California-DavisEarly Career Pay:$69,800Mid-Career Pay:$131,800
Rank:4School Name:The New SchoolEarly Career Pay:$70,600Mid-Career Pay:$131,400
Rank:5School Name:Cornell UniversityEarly Career Pay:$71,300Mid-Career Pay:$131,000
Rank:6School Name:Colgate UniversityEarly Career Pay:$73,300Mid-Career Pay:$130,800
Rank:7School Name:University of Notre DameEarly Career Pay:$73,500Mid-Career Pay:$130,400
Rank:8School Name:Georgia Institute of Technology-Main CampusEarly Career Pay:$73,100Mid-Career Pay:$129,800
Rank:9School Name:University of PennsylvaniaEarly Career Pay:$69,500Mid-Career Pay:$129,500
Rank:10School Name:Yale UniversityEarly Career Pay:$77,100Mid-Career Pay:$128,100
Rank:11School Name:California College of the ArtsEarly Career Pay:$77,300Mid-Career Pay:$127,400
Rank:12School Name:Art Center College of DesignEarly Career Pay:$75,500Mid-Career Pay:$127,100
Rank:13School Name:Carnegie Mellon UniversityEarly Career Pay:$79,400Mid-Career Pay:$126,900
Rank:14School Name:University of California-Los AngelesEarly Career Pay:$67,100Mid-Career Pay:$126,200
Rank:15School Name:New York UniversityEarly Career Pay:$66,400Mid-Career Pay:$125,600
Rank:16School Name:Rhode Island School of DesignEarly Career Pay:$71,600Mid-Career Pay:$125,400
Rank:17School Name:University of California-BerkeleyEarly Career Pay:$71,800Mid-Career Pay:$125,300
Rank:18School Name:Brown UniversityEarly Career Pay:$68,900Mid-Career Pay:$124,200
Rank:19School Name:Occidental CollegeEarly Career Pay:$69,000Mid-Career Pay:$123,400
Rank:20School Name:University of Southern CaliforniaEarly Career Pay:$69,000Mid-Career Pay:$123,100
Rank:21School Name:Ithaca CollegeEarly Career Pay:$62,200Mid-Career Pay:$121,300
Rank:22School Name:Hofstra UniversityEarly Career Pay:$58,700Mid-Career Pay:$120,000
Rank:23School Name:University of California-Santa CruzEarly Career Pay:$64,100Mid-Career Pay:$119,700
Rank:24School Name:Wake Forest UniversityEarly Career Pay:$62,400Mid-Career Pay:$119,300
Rank:25School Name:University of California-Santa BarbaraEarly Career Pay:$63,300Mid-Career Pay:$119,100

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