Best Schools For Communications Majors by Salary Potential

Get the most out of your bachelor’s degree in journalism or communications. Check out the best undergraduate communication and journalism school rankings by salary.

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RankSchool NameEarly Career Pay
Mid-Career Pay
Rank:26School Name:Fordham UniversityEarly Career Pay:$57,800Mid-Career Pay:$112,800
Rank:27School Name:University of California-San DiegoEarly Career Pay:$55,200Mid-Career Pay:$112,500
Rank:28School Name:University of RichmondEarly Career Pay:$56,700Mid-Career Pay:$112,100
Rank:29School Name:Fashion Institute of TechnologyEarly Career Pay:$55,600Mid-Career Pay:$111,700
Rank:30School Name:University of Washington-Seattle CampusEarly Career Pay:$57,700Mid-Career Pay:$111,300
Rank:31School Name:The University of Texas at AustinEarly Career Pay:$53,300Mid-Career Pay:$111,200
Rank:32School Name:Pepperdine UniversityEarly Career Pay:$54,200Mid-Career Pay:$111,000
Rank:33School Name:Cornell UniversityEarly Career Pay:$60,900Mid-Career Pay:$110,600
Rank:34School Name:SUNY at AlbanyEarly Career Pay:$52,000Mid-Career Pay:$109,800
Rank:35School Name:Southern Methodist UniversityEarly Career Pay:$55,000Mid-Career Pay:$109,500
Rank:36School Name:Art Center College of DesignEarly Career Pay:$66,400Mid-Career Pay:$109,200
Rank:37School Name:Seton Hall UniversityEarly Career Pay:$51,300Mid-Career Pay:$109,000
Rank:38School Name:Loyola Marymount UniversityEarly Career Pay:$53,600Mid-Career Pay:$108,800
Rank:39School Name:University of Michigan-Ann ArborEarly Career Pay:$55,900Mid-Career Pay:$108,600
Rank:40School Name:University of Puget SoundEarly Career Pay:$52,000Mid-Career Pay:$107,800
Rank:40School Name:San Diego State UniversityEarly Career Pay:$51,700Mid-Career Pay:$107,800
Rank:42School Name:Northeastern UniversityEarly Career Pay:$55,800Mid-Career Pay:$107,700
Rank:43School Name:University of Notre DameEarly Career Pay:$55,600Mid-Career Pay:$107,600
Rank:44School Name:Roosevelt UniversityEarly Career Pay:$51,600Mid-Career Pay:$107,500
Rank:45School Name:University of New Hampshire-Main CampusEarly Career Pay:$53,500Mid-Career Pay:$107,100
Rank:46School Name:Marist CollegeEarly Career Pay:$52,100Mid-Career Pay:$106,900
Rank:46School Name:California State University-ChicoEarly Career Pay:$52,100Mid-Career Pay:$106,900
Rank:48School Name:Brigham Young University-ProvoEarly Career Pay:$52,500Mid-Career Pay:$106,200
Rank:49School Name:University of Maryland-College ParkEarly Career Pay:$52,900Mid-Career Pay:$106,000
Rank:50School Name:St John's University-New YorkEarly Career Pay:$51,800Mid-Career Pay:$105,800

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The ability to communicate clearly and accurately is a key skill in any professional field, but how do communication and journalism majors stack up in terms of pay? If you want to study communication or journalism, you’d be well served to pick a school where students with these majors go on to earn high salaries. PayScale can help you identify those schools with our College Salary Report.

PayScale has median salary data for communication and journalism majors from scores of colleges and universities.

Perennially good schools for communications and journalism majors hoping to earn top dollar for their skills include the University of Southern California, New York University, Northwestern University, and the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Colleges in big cities are a good bet for communication and journalism majors, as their proximity to big media outlets and companies will increase students’ chances of getting internships and jobs instead of ending up on local news in a small-town market.