Best Schools For Nursing and Health Care Majors by Salary Potential

Find out how much alumni with health sciences potentially earn. Check out the best colleges for health sciences majors by salary.

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RankSchool NameEarly Career Pay
Mid-Career Pay
Rank:1School Name:Harvard UniversityEarly Career Pay:$115,200Mid-Career Pay:$164,000
Rank:2School Name:Albany College of Pharmacy and HealthSciencesEarly Career Pay:$81,900Mid-Career Pay:$130,400
Rank:3School Name:University of California-San DiegoEarly Career Pay:$66,000Mid-Career Pay:$128,600
Rank:4School Name:University of California-BerkeleyEarly Career Pay:$78,500Mid-Career Pay:$123,500
Rank:5School Name:University of the SciencesEarly Career Pay:$74,700Mid-Career Pay:$122,800
Rank:6School Name:St. John's University-New YorkEarly Career Pay:$73,500Mid-Career Pay:$121,700
Rank:7School Name:MCPHS UniversityEarly Career Pay:$71,300Mid-Career Pay:$120,000
Rank:8School Name:Drake UniversityEarly Career Pay:$68,800Mid-Career Pay:$112,200
Rank:9School Name:Butler UniversityEarly Career Pay:$71,000Mid-Career Pay:$111,800
Rank:10School Name:College of Mount Saint VincentEarly Career Pay:$76,700Mid-Career Pay:$111,700
Rank:11School Name:Mount Saint Mary's UniversityEarly Career Pay:$78,200Mid-Career Pay:$111,400
Rank:11School Name:Touro CollegeEarly Career Pay:$76,500Mid-Career Pay:$111,400
Rank:13School Name:University of San FranciscoEarly Career Pay:$79,800Mid-Career Pay:$111,200
Rank:14School Name:University of PennsylvaniaEarly Career Pay:$71,900Mid-Career Pay:$110,700
Rank:15School Name:Seattle UniversityEarly Career Pay:$74,700Mid-Career Pay:$110,600
Rank:16School Name:Columbia University in the City of New YorkEarly Career Pay:$75,800Mid-Career Pay:$110,200
Rank:17School Name:Wagner CollegeEarly Career Pay:$76,700Mid-Career Pay:$110,000
Rank:18School Name:Johns Hopkins UniversityEarly Career Pay:$72,900Mid-Career Pay:$109,700
Rank:19School Name:Ohio Northern UniversityEarly Career Pay:$68,700Mid-Career Pay:$108,800
Rank:20School Name:SUNY Downstate HealthSciences UniversityEarly Career Pay:$77,400Mid-Career Pay:$106,800
Rank:21School Name:Pace UniversityEarly Career Pay:$80,100Mid-Career Pay:$106,700
Rank:22School Name:Duquesne UniversityEarly Career Pay:$65,300Mid-Career Pay:$105,400
Rank:23School Name:Salve Regina UniversityEarly Career Pay:$73,900Mid-Career Pay:$105,300
Rank:24School Name:Molloy CollegeEarly Career Pay:$79,300Mid-Career Pay:$105,000
Rank:24School Name:College of Staten Island CUNYEarly Career Pay:$76,200Mid-Career Pay:$105,000

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Health science majors have great potential for high incomes and high job satisfaction levels. These are the schools with the highest earning alumni who graduated with degrees in health sciences. While health sciences is already a high-earning field, the level of income can further be influenced by the college you attend. Fortunately, for health science majors, there is a wide variety of types and locations of colleges. From east to west coast, there are a number of both public state universities and private colleges on the list.