Best Schools For Science Majors by Salary Potential

Find out how much alumni with a bachelor’s degree in physical or life sciences actually earn. Check out the best undergraduate physical and life science colleges by salary.

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RankSchool NameEarly Career Pay
Mid-Career Pay
Rank:1School Name:Harvey Mudd CollegeEarly Career Pay:$92,100Mid-Career Pay:$163,100
Rank:2School Name:Yale UniversityEarly Career Pay:$81,400Mid-Career Pay:$149,100
Rank:3School Name:Harvard UniversityEarly Career Pay:$79,300Mid-Career Pay:$147,500
Rank:4School Name:Princeton UniversityEarly Career Pay:$76,300Mid-Career Pay:$147,000
Rank:5School Name:Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyEarly Career Pay:$78,800Mid-Career Pay:$146,900
Rank:6School Name:Dartmouth CollegeEarly Career Pay:$76,000Mid-Career Pay:$142,200
Rank:7School Name:Stanford UniversityEarly Career Pay:$73,800Mid-Career Pay:$141,400
Rank:8School Name:California Institute of TechnologyEarly Career Pay:$77,100Mid-Career Pay:$140,300
Rank:9School Name:University of California-BerkeleyEarly Career Pay:$71,000Mid-Career Pay:$139,500
Rank:10School Name:Colorado School of MinesEarly Career Pay:$72,600Mid-Career Pay:$137,400
Rank:11School Name:United States Naval AcademyEarly Career Pay:$75,800Mid-Career Pay:$135,700
Rank:11School Name:University of PennsylvaniaEarly Career Pay:$72,900Mid-Career Pay:$135,700
Rank:13School Name:United States Air Force AcademyEarly Career Pay:$74,500Mid-Career Pay:$135,400
Rank:14School Name:Colgate UniversityEarly Career Pay:$70,200Mid-Career Pay:$134,100
Rank:15School Name:Johns Hopkins UniversityEarly Career Pay:$70,100Mid-Career Pay:$133,800
Rank:16School Name:University of RochesterEarly Career Pay:$68,800Mid-Career Pay:$132,700
Rank:17School Name:Worcester Polytechnic InstituteEarly Career Pay:$66,500Mid-Career Pay:$132,500
Rank:18School Name:Columbia University in the City of New YorkEarly Career Pay:$73,000Mid-Career Pay:$130,900
Rank:18School Name:University of ChicagoEarly Career Pay:$66,900Mid-Career Pay:$130,900
Rank:20School Name:Northwestern UniversityEarly Career Pay:$70,700Mid-Career Pay:$130,300
Rank:20School Name:Brown UniversityEarly Career Pay:$71,200Mid-Career Pay:$130,300
Rank:22School Name:Georgia Institute of Technology-Main CampusEarly Career Pay:$65,400Mid-Career Pay:$127,700
Rank:23School Name:Georgetown UniversityEarly Career Pay:$67,400Mid-Career Pay:$127,500
Rank:24School Name:Washington University in St LouisEarly Career Pay:$70,100Mid-Career Pay:$127,000
Rank:24School Name:University of California-Los AngelesEarly Career Pay:$62,400Mid-Career Pay:$127,000

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If your dream job involves a lab coat and a test tube, the physical and life sciences are perfect for you. This year Payscale has salary data for physical and life science majors (majors like chemistry, biology, kinesiology and zoology) for graduates of numerous colleges.

If you want a high-paying career to follow your physical or life science degree, you don’t have to go to the magical land of Oz. Even though physical and life sciences aren’t the highest-paying group of majors out there, especially if you don’t go on to earn a graduate degree (salary data for this list only includes alumni whose highest degree is a bachelor’s degree), alumni with a life or physical science major often make a healthy median mid-career salary.

Even though life and physical science degrees are in STEM subjects, which are traditionally high-paying, there isn’t as high a demand for jobs related to these subjects as engineering or technology jobs, so we see lower pay overall. However, if you go on to earn a graduate degree in one of these subjects, you will often see a large pay increase.