Best Schools For Social Science Majors by Salary Potential

Where do the highest-earning alumni with a bachelor's degree in social science come from? Check out the top-ranked social science schools by salary. [Read More]

Social science majors include subjects ranging from anthropology to history to linguistics to psychology to political science. If you want to earn a degree that can lead you to job titles such as economist, counselor, data analyst, paralegal or anthropologist, consider the schools on this list of colleges and universities.

Despite the negative connotation of many social science majors, alumni who graduate from the best colleges for social science majors by salary potential see some pretty high paychecks. At schools like the University of Pennsylvania, Boston College or Harvard, alumni who majored in social sciences report a median mid-career salary in the six-figure range.

Stanford University is another perennial top-performer in the social sciences. Notable Stanford alumni in social science include famous Nobel-Prize winning economists: Kenneth J. Arrow, Gary Becker, Gerard Debreu, Milton Friedman, Douglass North, and Myron Scholes.

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