Best Community Colleges in Colorado by Salary Potential

Looking for the best community colleges in Colorado with the highest-paid graduates? Compare 2-year colleges by alumni salaries.

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RankSchool NameSchool SectorEarly Career Pay
Mid-Career Pay
% High Meaning
% STEM Degrees
Rank:1School Name:Colorado Northwestern Community CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$63,200Mid-Career Pay:$87,900% High Meaning:58%% STEM Degrees:0%
Rank:2School Name:Community College of DenverSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$54,000Mid-Career Pay:$80,700% High Meaning:73%% STEM Degrees:0%
Rank:3School Name:Arapahoe Community CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$54,500Mid-Career Pay:$78,900% High Meaning:58%% STEM Degrees:5%
Rank:4School Name:Morgan Community CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$53,000Mid-Career Pay:$76,200% High Meaning:-% STEM Degrees:1%
Rank:5School Name:Colorado Mesa UniversitySchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$51,800Mid-Career Pay:$76,100% High Meaning:57%% STEM Degrees:8%
Rank:6School Name:Trinidad State CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$47,900Mid-Career Pay:$75,100% High Meaning:78%% STEM Degrees:0%
Rank:7School Name:Front Range Community CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$50,600Mid-Career Pay:$74,800% High Meaning:53%% STEM Degrees:5%
Rank:8School Name:Red Rocks Community CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$52,900Mid-Career Pay:$74,100% High Meaning:56%% STEM Degrees:2%
Rank:9School Name:Community College of AuroraSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$49,100Mid-Career Pay:$71,700% High Meaning:51%% STEM Degrees:8%
Rank:10School Name:Colorado Mountain CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$49,600Mid-Career Pay:$70,800% High Meaning:52%% STEM Degrees:3%
Rank:11School Name:Pueblo Community CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$51,300Mid-Career Pay:$69,900% High Meaning:73%% STEM Degrees:9%
Rank:12School Name:Pikes Peak Community CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$46,300Mid-Career Pay:$69,600% High Meaning:58%% STEM Degrees:4%
Rank:13School Name:Aims Community CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$48,100Mid-Career Pay:$68,200% High Meaning:61%% STEM Degrees:3%
Rank:14School Name:Colorado Christian UniversitySchool Sector:Private not-for-profitEarly Career Pay:$46,800Mid-Career Pay:$67,600% High Meaning:-% STEM Degrees:3%
Rank:15School Name:Otero Junior CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$46,500Mid-Career Pay:$66,400% High Meaning:55%% STEM Degrees:0%
Rank:16School Name:Northeastern Junior CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$44,700Mid-Career Pay:$63,900% High Meaning:64%% STEM Degrees:0%
Rank:16School Name:Lamar Community CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$44,000Mid-Career Pay:$63,900% High Meaning:-% STEM Degrees:0%

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College Student

There are a handful of colleges in Colorado that offer associate degrees included in Payscale’s College Salary Report.

Pueblo Community College and Arapahoe Community College are consistently among the best community colleges in Colorado for associate degree salaries. But while a large number graduates from Pueblo say their jobs are meaningful, that number goes down for students of Arapahoe Community College.

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