Best Colleges in North Dakota by Salary Potential

College is expensive, and not all alumni earn high salaries. Check out this list of the highest-paid college graduates by school in North Dakota so you know what to expect once you’re out there negotiating for a salary.

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Bachelor's Only
All Alumni
RankSchool NameSchool TypeEarly Career Pay
Mid-Career Pay
% High Meaning
% STEM Degrees
Rank:1School Name:North Dakota State University-Main CampusSchool Type:Research University, For Sports Fans, State SchoolEarly Career Pay:$67,400Mid-Career Pay:$121,000% High Meaning:59%% STEM Degrees:26%
Rank:2School Name:University of North DakotaSchool Type:Research University, For Sports Fans, State SchoolEarly Career Pay:$67,700Mid-Career Pay:$118,400% High Meaning:54%% STEM Degrees:17%
Rank:3School Name:University of JamestownSchool Type:Private School, ReligiousEarly Career Pay:$62,700Mid-Career Pay:$105,200% High Meaning:76%% STEM Degrees:9%
Rank:4School Name:Mayville State UniversitySchool Type:State SchoolEarly Career Pay:$56,200Mid-Career Pay:$101,200% High Meaning:57%% STEM Degrees:6%
Rank:5School Name:Dickinson State UniversitySchool Type:State SchoolEarly Career Pay:$63,300Mid-Career Pay:$99,600% High Meaning:58%% STEM Degrees:8%
Rank:6School Name:University of MarySchool Type:Private School, ReligiousEarly Career Pay:$61,000Mid-Career Pay:$94,700% High Meaning:71%% STEM Degrees:7%
Rank:7School Name:Valley City State UniversitySchool Type:State SchoolEarly Career Pay:$57,100Mid-Career Pay:$88,900% High Meaning:59%% STEM Degrees:3%
Rank:8School Name:Minot State UniversitySchool Type:State SchoolEarly Career Pay:$57,600Mid-Career Pay:$88,700% High Meaning:67%% STEM Degrees:4%
Rank:9School Name:Trinity Bible College and Graduate SchoolSchool Type:Private School, ReligiousEarly Career Pay:$45,800Mid-Career Pay:$75,700% High Meaning:-% STEM Degrees:0%

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College Student

North Dakota might be the most rural of all the states, but is still famous for schools like the University of North Dakota, North Dakota State University and Dickinson Sate University.

Nicknamed the Peace Garden State, it’s not surprising that North Dakota’s main industries are agriculture and energy. Many alumni from schools in the state find jobs in medical and legal fields as well.

Recent graduates with a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Dakota, in Grand Forks, are among the highest-paid graduates in North Dakota. The University of North Dakota has about 14,000 students, making it the largest school in the state. Playwright Maxwell Anderson graduated from here, and while not all University of North Dakota alumni have their work included in anthologies, roughly 64 percent say their jobs are very meaningful.

While North Dakota State University is only the second largest school, a high percent of the students recommend their school to prospective students.