Best Colleges in Colorado by Salary Potential

Colorado is home to several four-year colleges. Which ones are the top universities by alumni salary? Find out here. [Read More]

The best colleges in Colorado are included in PayScale's College Salary Report. Some of the most notable are Colorado College, University of Colorado, and Colorado State University.

Graduates from the Colorado School of Mines often earn one of the highest early career salaries, but considering the fact that a whopping near-100 percent of students major in a science, technology, engineering or math subject, it's no surprise that alumni quickly find high salaries right out of school. However, graduates from the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) who end up working in civilian careers go on to make high salaries at mid-career. For what it's worth, both schools are also overwhelmingly male.

Many graduates from Colorado's colleges go on to work for employers such as the University of Colorado at Boulder; Lockheed Martin Space Systems; Peterson AFB; Denver International Airport; Rooftop Restoration; Exempla St. Joseph Hospital; and IBM.

The Centennial State is famous for its many 14,000-foot mountains, and is home to Rocky Mountain National Park, a 415 square-mile wonderland of hiking and climbing goodness.

* Data represents those in the civilian labor force, not active service members.
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