Best Colleges in Connecticut by Salary Potential

Connecticut has plenty of universities, but how do you choose? Read about the state's best four-year colleges by earning potential here. [Read More]

There are several colleges and universities in Connecticut State included in PayScale's College Salary Report. Some of the most well-known colleges in Connecticut include Yale University, Connecticut College, Trinity College, and the University of Connecticut. This table ranks colleges by the early career and mid-career salaries of alumni from each school who earned a bachelor's degree, but did not go on to earn any advanced degrees.

Graduates from Connecticut's prestigious Yale University earn a high median early career salary, and not surprisingly, graduates from Yale also go on to earn a highest mid-career median salary. Yale is the only Ivy League University in Connecticut. When we include graduates who go on to earn an advanced degree after getting their bachelor's from Yale, we see a sizable jump in the median mid-career salary.

But you don't have to attend an Ivy League School to increase your likelihood of a high salary after you graduate. Alumni of The University of Connecticut, in Mansfield, also have high median mid-career salaries.

The University of Connecticut's main campus has about 20,000 students, making it the largest college in the state. Connecticut's colleges lean heavily toward liberal arts studies. Yale University has the highest percentage of science, technology, engineering and math degrees, but even there, STEM degrees make up just a fraction of all degrees.

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