Best Colleges in Delaware by Salary Potential

You're ready to get your bachelor's degree. Make an educated decision and choose one of Delaware's top universities by graduate salaries. [Read More]

Colleges in Delaware included in our report include the University of Delaware, Wilmington University and Delaware State University.

The University of Delaware graduates include Joe Biden and Susan Stroman. The University awards more STEM degrees than the other two schools in Delaware, but STEM is still in the minority - only about 15 percent of their degrees are in science, technology, engineering and math subjects.

The University of Delaware is also the biggest school in Delaware -- with about 18,000 students, it has more than double the population of Wilmington University and almost four times as many students as Delaware State University.

The University of Delaware is unique because it is both a public and private school. It is run privately but receives public funding, and as a result, is considered a public school by IPEDS.

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