Best Colleges in Florida by Salary Potential

When you're ready to get your bachelor's degree, you should choose the best university. Part of that research is earning potential post-graduation. Find Florida's best college by alumni salary before narrowing down your choices. [Read More]

There are a number of colleges in Florida that are included in PayScale's College Salary Report.

Two private colleges often vie for the title of the Florida college with the highest-paid graduates. The Florida Institute of Technology and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), located in Daytona Beach. (Both FIT and Embry-Riddle see increases of around $5,000 in the median salary when we include gradates with advanced degrees.)

As Florida's oldest college (founded in 1853), the University of Florida, in Gainesville, is not only a great place to get an education that will likely translate into a great career, but it is also a guaranteed good time. The University of Florida makes The Princeton Review's list of the biggest Party Schools in America almost every year.

UF is also a sports powerhouse. Gators fans are notoriously passionate about their team, and the University of Florida Gators have won more than 33 national championships.

Famous alumni from the University of Florida include: TV personality Bob Vila and Steve Spurrier (Heisman Trophy winner).

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