Best Colleges in Idaho by Salary Potential

Before you enroll, find out what kind of salary you can earn with a bachelor’s degree from these Idaho colleges with the highest-paid graduates.

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Bachelor's Only
All Alumni
RankSchool NameSchool TypeEarly Career Pay
Mid-Career Pay
% High Meaning
% STEM Degrees
Rank:1School Name:University of IdahoSchool Type:Research University, For Sports Fans, State SchoolEarly Career Pay:$63,700Mid-Career Pay:$118,800% High Meaning:55%% STEM Degrees:23%
Rank:2School Name:Brigham Young University-IdahoSchool Type:Private School, ReligiousEarly Career Pay:$65,200Mid-Career Pay:$115,900% High Meaning:64%% STEM Degrees:14%
Rank:3School Name:The College of IdahoSchool Type:Liberal Arts School, Private SchoolEarly Career Pay:$55,500Mid-Career Pay:$102,400% High Meaning:49%% STEM Degrees:18%
Rank:4School Name:Idaho State UniversitySchool Type:Research University, For Sports Fans, State SchoolEarly Career Pay:$60,200Mid-Career Pay:$100,800% High Meaning:69%% STEM Degrees:10%
Rank:5School Name:Northwest Nazarene UniversitySchool Type:Private School, ReligiousEarly Career Pay:$57,900Mid-Career Pay:$100,700% High Meaning:72%% STEM Degrees:11%
Rank:6School Name:Boise State UniversitySchool Type:Research University, For Sports Fans, State SchoolEarly Career Pay:$62,300Mid-Career Pay:$99,800% High Meaning:53%% STEM Degrees:12%
Rank:7School Name:Lewis-Clark State CollegeSchool Type:State SchoolEarly Career Pay:$57,300Mid-Career Pay:$82,200% High Meaning:68%% STEM Degrees:7%

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College Student

Of the 11 four-year colleges in Idaho, some of the most well-known are University of Idaho, Boise State University, Idaho State University (ISU) and the College of Idaho. Almost every known gem has been found in the Gem State, but the top job types are mostly in healthcare.

The University of Idaho is a college with some of the highest-paid graduates, both at five years after graduation and at 10 years after graduation. The University of Idaho Vandals have enough school spirit, and earning potential, to make up for their relatively small population.

Graduate degrees don’t have a huge impact on how much Idaho college graduates get paid. All the Idaho schools on this list only see a slight increase when Payscale includes salary data for alumni who go on to earn graduate degrees.

Northwest Nazarene University is a small private Christian university in Nampa, Idaho. It may not have the highest paid graduates in Idaho, but it does have a high percentage of students who think their jobs make the world a better place. The school produces a lot of students who go into religious work or social service.