Best Colleges in New Jersey by Salary Potential

Before you enroll in a New Jersey university, find out which of the state's schools are the best four-year colleges by earning potential. [Read More]

Of the colleges and universities in New Jersey included in PayScale's College Salary Report, the most prestigious names are Princeton, Rutgers, and the Stevens Institute of Technology.

Stevens Institute of Technology, located in Hoboken, is the among top colleges in New Jersey as far as the highest-paid graduates for early career, second only to Ivy-League Princeton.

Other top schools for grads with great salaries include, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Rutgers.

Princeton is the most highly recommended college in the state with most alumni indicating that they would recommend the school to others. The smallest school is Drew University, with an undergrad enrollment of about 1,500.

Alan Ginsberg is just one of the famous alumni from New Jersey colleges and universities. Other notables include: Bruce Willis, Paul Robeson, Kristin Davis, Jane Krakowski, Roy Scheider, James Gandolfini, Mario Batali, Ozzie Nelson, Sherilyn McCoy, Terry Hart, and Clark Poling. But before you look into your career on the stage, you may want to consider the path many other Jersey alum took: Professor, or Engineer.

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