Best Colleges in Pennsyvania by Salary Potential

Investing in your education is smart. But make the smartest investment by first researching Pennsylvania's best four-year colleges by earning potential. [Read More]

PayScale gathered alumni salary data for dozens of colleges and universities in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is home to over 100 colleges total, including a number universities where the typical alumni go on to earn over $100,000 per year.

The University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) is an Ivy League School with the most famous business school (Wharton) in the country, so it's no surprise that UPenn graduates earn one of the highest mid-career median salaries, based on students for whom a bachelor's degree is the highest degree obtained.

When it comes to early career salaries, Carnegie Melon produces the highest earners for recent grads using both bachelor's only and all alumni salary data.

The Moore College of Art and Design has an undergrad enrollment of about 440 (making it the smallest college). Moore is also a female-only school.

The salaries of professional athletes are not included on this list, but numerous such alumni have attended (and graduated from) Pennsylvania colleges and universities. Mark DeRosa and Sean Estrada both attended University of Pennsylvania (Quakers), while Anthony Adams, Jay Alford, Levi Brown, Deon Butler, Kerry Collins, Dan Connor, Bobby Engram, Maurice Evans, John Gilmore, Robbie Gould, Bryant Johnson, Larry Johnson, Jeremy Kapinos all were Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) Lions.

Penn State's Main Campus is also the largest school in Pennsylvania (with an enrollment of more than 40,000).

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