Best Colleges in Texas by Salary Potential

A bachelor's degree is an investment in your future. This list ranks the top universities in Texas by alumni salary. [Read More]

Looking for the best colleges in Texas? Whether you're looking for a school with school spirit and a great party scene, a sports-crazed fan base or a school with rigorous academic standards, you'll find the right school for you in the Lone Star State. PayScale's College Salary Report ranks Texas colleges by alumni salaries. This list includes salary data for alumni whose highest degree was a bachelor's degree.

Believe it or not, among the best universities in Texas for median salary potential, is Rice University, a private not-for-profit school.

The University of Texas -Austin and Texas A and M University compete in football, but they also compete for high alumni salaries.

Many graduates from Texas Universities go on to work as Software or Mechanical Engineers, become Statisticians, or even go on to practice law.

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