Best Colleges in Vermont by Salary Potential

Vermont is a haven for education. But do degrees from these schools pay off? Find Vermont's best four-year colleges by earning potential. [Read More]

Among the best universities in Vermont for graduate salaries, Middlebury often takes the cake. It is generally the Vermont school with the highest-paid graduates starting out, and among the highest median mid-career salary.

Middlebury College is the most highly recommended college in the state; about nine out of 10 alumni indicated that they would recommend the school to others, while almost a quarter of alumni from University of Vermont say they would recommend their college to others.

The University of Vermont and Middlebury College are situated between the Green Mountains and Adirondacks. Famous alumni from UV include: film producer John Kilik, Jody Williams (Nobel Peace Prize winner), and philosopher John Dewey. Eve Ensler (The Vagina Monologues playwright) and Jeff Linsey are both alumni from Middlebury.

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