Best Colleges in Virginia by Salary Potential

Not all bachelor degree grads earn similar salaries. Before enrolling, learn which Virginia university is the best college by alumni salary potential. [Read More]

Famous colleges in Virginia include the College of William and Mary, Virginia Tech, and Virginia Commonwealth University, and the state is home to more than 60 colleges and universities. PayScale's College Salary Report has salary information for students graduating with bachelor's degrees from several of those colleges to help you find the Virginia colleges with highest-paid graduates.

Robert F. Kennedy, Tina Fey, Katie Couric and Edgar Allen Poe may not seem to have much in common, but they're all graduates from University of Virginia in Charlottesville. As diverse as alumni from this university are, they love their school; nine out of ten alumni recommend their school, making it the most popular school on the list.

Liberty University is by far the largest school with over 47,000 undergraduates. This is especially true compared to Averett University, where fewer than 1,000 undergrads attend.

The College of William and Mary is not only one of Virginia's most well-known schools, it is also the second oldest college in the country. Rivals of Old Dominion University, The College of William and Mary was founded in 1693 and is the alma mater of Jon Stewart, Mike Leach, and Steve Christie.

While a fourth of Virginians work for the government, many others work in aerospace, IT and energy fields.

* Data represents those in the civilian labor force, not active service members.
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