Community Colleges by Salary Potential – Full List

Community colleges offer some of the best values in education. Use Payscale’s data to find out where the highest-paid community college graduates come from.

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RankSchool NameSchool SectorEarly Career Pay
Mid-Career Pay
% High Meaning
% STEM Degrees
Rank:1School Name:Bellevue CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$52,400Mid-Career Pay:$81,900% High Meaning:57%% STEM Degrees:13%
Rank:2School Name:Colorado Northwestern Community CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$58,200Mid-Career Pay:$81,100% High Meaning:63%% STEM Degrees:0%
Rank:3School Name:Fashion Institute of TechnologySchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$48,200Mid-Career Pay:$80,600% High Meaning:37%% STEM Degrees:0%
Rank:4School Name:College of San MateoSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$55,300Mid-Career Pay:$79,900% High Meaning:62%% STEM Degrees:15%
Rank:5School Name:Saddleback CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$47,500Mid-Career Pay:$79,800% High Meaning:52%% STEM Degrees:3%
Rank:6School Name:Evergreen Valley CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$52,300Mid-Career Pay:$79,700% High Meaning:65%% STEM Degrees:9%
Rank:7School Name:De Anza CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$54,900Mid-Career Pay:$79,200% High Meaning:61%% STEM Degrees:10%
Rank:8School Name:Diablo Valley CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$49,800Mid-Career Pay:$78,500% High Meaning:58%% STEM Degrees:17%
Rank:9School Name:West Valley CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$50,500Mid-Career Pay:$78,300% High Meaning:58%% STEM Degrees:6%
Rank:10School Name:Cabrillo CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$51,400Mid-Career Pay:$78,200% High Meaning:60%% STEM Degrees:12%
Rank:11School Name:Brazosport CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$46,600Mid-Career Pay:$78,000% High Meaning:52%% STEM Degrees:1%
Rank:11School Name:University of Massachusetts-LowellSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$53,500Mid-Career Pay:$78,000% High Meaning:53%% STEM Degrees:36%
Rank:13School Name:College of Staten Island CUNYSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$54,400Mid-Career Pay:$77,800% High Meaning:47%% STEM Degrees:13%
Rank:13School Name:CUNY New York City College of TechnologySchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$51,600Mid-Career Pay:$77,800% High Meaning:57%% STEM Degrees:20%
Rank:15School Name:City College of San FranciscoSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$53,200Mid-Career Pay:$77,500% High Meaning:57%% STEM Degrees:9%
Rank:16School Name:San Jacinto Community CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$46,400Mid-Career Pay:$77,000% High Meaning:62%% STEM Degrees:6%
Rank:17School Name:Orange Coast CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$47,900Mid-Career Pay:$76,800% High Meaning:61%% STEM Degrees:10%
Rank:18School Name:Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversitySchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$52,300Mid-Career Pay:$76,700% High Meaning:-% STEM Degrees:42%
Rank:19School Name:Foothill CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$53,400Mid-Career Pay:$76,500% High Meaning:62%% STEM Degrees:10%
Rank:20School Name:Glendale Community College (Arizona)School Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$51,800Mid-Career Pay:$76,400% High Meaning:54%% STEM Degrees:8%
Rank:21School Name:Bakersfield CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$50,300Mid-Career Pay:$76,200% High Meaning:64%% STEM Degrees:6%
Rank:21School Name:Ohlone CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$51,600Mid-Career Pay:$76,200% High Meaning:59%% STEM Degrees:26%
Rank:23School Name:Moorpark CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$48,000Mid-Career Pay:$76,000% High Meaning:54%% STEM Degrees:5%
Rank:24School Name:GateWay Community CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$53,200Mid-Career Pay:$75,700% High Meaning:73%% STEM Degrees:7%
Rank:25School Name:Lake Washington Institute of TechnologySchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$51,800Mid-Career Pay:$75,600% High Meaning:64%% STEM Degrees:18%

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College Student

Public community colleges offer some of the best deals in higher education. Most public community colleges offer programs both for students interested in transferring to four-year schools to earn a bachelor’s degree and for students who want to earn an associate degree. This list ranks the alumni salaries of graduates who receive associate degrees (and no higher degrees) from public community colleges across the country.