Best Ivy League Schools by Salary Potential

Ivy League Colleges are home to some of the smartest students in the country. Discover which Ivy League college produces the highest salaried graduates. [Read More]

Schools in the Ivy League have traditionally been known as the most elite colleges in America. These schools, which include some of the oldest colleges in the country, also have some of the most famous names. PayScale's College Salary Report can help you find out which of the nation's most famous universities produces the highest-earning alumni.

Harvard University is almost always near the top of the list for early career and mid-career salaries for bachelor's-only alumni. Graduates with five or fewer years of experience report a healthy median salary, and after 10 years of experience, the Harvard Crimson almost always earn a median salary well into the six figures.

Dartmouth University alumni earn a lower early career salary compared to other Ivy League grads, but their median alumni salary isn't exactly pauper's material. And after 10 years in the workforce they usually move up the list and into the six-figure range.

Cornell grants the most STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) degrees.

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