Best Party Schools by Salary Potential

Want to party in undergraduate school but still end up in a high-paying job? Check out the top four-year party schools with the highest-paid graduates. [Read More]

Party schools may have a reputation for kegs, toga parties and a very active Greek system, but some of them actually produce some very highly paid graduates as well. This year PayScale's list of the Party colleges with the highest-paid graduates includes notable schools like Penn State, Lehigh University and the University of Illinois.

PayScale gets its list of the top party schools from The Princeton Review. The Princeton Review's defines party schools party schools as those with the highest percentage of students who said that alcohol and drugs are common on their campuses, that they don't spend too many hours studying each day, and that fraternities and sororities are very active on campus.

Other famous party schools that made the list are Penn State, Bucknell University and the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Almost every school in our list of party colleges with the highest-paid graduates has a strong Division 1 sports team. Fans of the University of Florida Gators or the University of Wisconsin Badgers throw great parties to cheer on their teams, but also go on to earn high salaries.

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