Best Research Universities by Salary Potential

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Research Universities are ones that award at least 20 PhDs per year and dedicate a portion of resources to academic research. Even though these schools place a lot of emphasis on graduate education, they can be a fantastic choice for undergraduate students seeking only a bachelor's degree as well. To help you choose a research university that will prepare you for a successful career, PayScale's College Salary Report ranks research universities by the median salaries of their alumni.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is among the highest ranked for mid-career salary (10 or more years of experience).

It's notable that schools on this list grant a variety of degrees, not just those in the lucrative science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) categories. If you sort the list by early career salaries, you will see that schools with the most STEM degrees dominate the list. This illustrates the fact that STEM careers can be very lucrative, but people in non-STEM careers often take longer to reach their earning potential and settle into a career.

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