Best Jobs For Business Majors

A business degree doesn’t mean you make CEO on your first day. Explore common jobs for business majors that will get you started on your own corporate takeover.

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RankJob TitleMost Common Major% Workers with MajorMid-Career Pay
% High Job Meaning
Rank:25Job Title:Payroll SpecialistMost Common Major:Accounting% Workers with Major:31%Mid-Career Pay:$52,100% High Job Meaning:49%
Rank:26Job Title:Accounting AssociateMost Common Major:Accounting% Workers with Major:48%Mid-Career Pay:$48,500% High Job Meaning:41%
Rank:27Job Title:Accounts Receivable SpecialistMost Common Major:Accounting% Workers with Major:34%Mid-Career Pay:$45,400% High Job Meaning:37%
Rank:28Job Title:Accounts Payable SpecialistMost Common Major:Accounting% Workers with Major:39%Mid-Career Pay:$44,900% High Job Meaning:42%
Rank:29Job Title:Accounting ClerkMost Common Major:Accounting% Workers with Major:46%Mid-Career Pay:$39,700% High Job Meaning:42%

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These days, there are more careers in business besides traditional banking. With a rise in technology and multinationalism, business majors gain a broad scope of knowledge in their coursework. This skill set can be applied to a variety of occupations in a wide range of industries. Those with business degrees land careers in marketing, government, private charities, and more. Not only does a  business degree garner some of the highest incomes of any major, they also have great influence on our economic, political and social systems.

Business School Bachelor’s Degree Programs

There are a number of disciplines and specializations within a business major. Some of the more traditional areas for careers in business include: Accounting, Finance, Economics, as well as Management and Organization. Due to advances and influence of technology, some popular emerging areas include Information Systems and Operations Management, as well as Marketing and International Business.

Career Paths For Business Majors

Vice President (VP), Finance – Mid-Career Salary: $151,000

Vice presidents of finance are near the top level of leadership at an organization. They maintain business profitability while keeping costs down, and pursuant to government regulations. They also manage financial reporting, accounting, daily operations, and monthly operations results.

Finance Director – Mid-Career Salary: $113,000

Finance directors will often direct staff operations, business planning, and budget development. They oversee the preparation of mandated regulatory and financial reporting and ensure compliance. They may also lead a finance team in creating strategic financial plans for an organization.

Portfolio ManagerMid-Career Salary: $100,000

Essentially, a portfolio manager is a financial professional who invests money. They may work with individuals on a one-to-one basis, or with entire businesses to manage their investments and assets. For individual customers, the portfolio manager aims to meet clients’ long-term financial goals. On the other hand, for businesses, they may seek out investments that recapitalize revenue in order to build capital and minimize tax burdens.

Other lucrative jobs for business majors include corporate controller, finance manager, and supply chain manager.