Best Jobs For Education Majors by Salary Potential

An education degree can get you started on a rewarding career, and not just in teaching. Peruse these pouplar jobs for education majors. [Read More]

Students who major in education (including elementary education, physical education, special education, etc.) most commonly become teachers, but also follow a number of other high-earning career paths that might seem unexpected. Few teaching jobs pay extremely well, but they do lead to one of the highest senses of job meaning of any group of jobs.

If you want the highest possible salary with an education degree, you might want to venture out of the classroom. It's also important to note that an education major is not a requirement to teach. Only a small percent of High School Teachers and Middle School Teachers earned degrees in education. At that level, it's more common for the teacher to earn a degree in the subject they teach.

Teachers and other roles fulfilled by graduates with education majors benefit from candidates with strong communication skills, patience, and a strong desire to make a difference in the world. KISS frontman Gene Simmons earned a degree in education, as did Gilda Radner, an American comedian and actress who was one of the original cast members on Saturday Night Live.

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