Best Jobs For Nursing and Health Care Majors by Salary Potential in 2019

Careers in the health sciences are not only lucrative, they can also have a high degree of satisfaction. Here are some of the highest paying jobs for health science majors.

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The health science field is a good choice for a stable, lucrative career. With an ever-growing (and aging) population, health science jobs tend to be more recession-resistant than other fields. Additionally, there is a high level of satisfaction from helping others in this job. People who have a strong balance of analytical and interpersonal skills will do well in this field.

Jobs for Health Science Majors

Pharmacy Manager – Mid-Career Salary: $131,000

Pharmacy managers help ensure customers get the medicine they need and that it is properly filled following the doctors orders. Typically, a pharmacy manager oversees one particular store, but there are positions in which they manage multiple locations.

Pharmacist– Mid-Career Salary: $123,000

Pharmacists work primarily for pharmacies and drugstores; however, hospitals and medical clinics may employ their own pharmacists to dispense drugs directly to patients.

Nursing Director – Mid-Career Salary: $89,300

Nursing directors oversee all nursing activities within a health care institution. They direct, plan, and evaluate programs and overall care, as well as ensure the goals and overall philosophy of the department are followed. Nursing directors also oversee staff, providing guidance and discipline as necessary.

Additional high-paying jobs for health science majors include: Nurse Manager, Occupational Therapist, Radiation Therapist and Health Information Management Director