Best Jobs For Science Majors In 2018

Studying science in college can lead to a variety of interesting jobs. We’ve listed some of the highest paying careers for science majors.

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Those with an innate sense of curiosity and discovery would do well in this field. Some of the best careers in the sciences offer the potential for high incomes. However, the work can also be interesting and rewarding. In spite of what you might think, you’re not doomed to be stuck in a lab for hours on end, mindlessly waiting for experiments to render. Just as an example, about 12 percent of quality assurance directors held a biology degree. Geology is another lucrative bachelor’s degree that offers many high-paying jobs, and the potential to work outdoors.

Physical and Life Science Disciplines

There are a number of related disciplines and areas of focus within the physical and life sciences. Some of these include astronomy, biology, chemistry, clinical laboratory science, earth science, geology, physics and more. These can all lead to intellectually challenging and innovative careers.

Careers For Science Majors

Optical Engineer – Mid-Career Salary: $95,300

Optical engineers are involved in planning and creating of optical designs and products related to light refraction, reflection and color measurement systems. They help create everything from microscopes to telescopes, cameras to lasers, and everything between. They have strong analytical and research skills.

Geophysicist – Mid-Career Salary: $90,100

Geophysicists are integral members of a geoscience team. They study how the electrical, gravitational, magnetic and seismic forces affect planets such as the earth and the atmosphere. Many are employed by the oil and gas industry to help discover new sources of energy. While others may conduct environmental impact studies to determine if locations are suitable for construction projects.

Product Development ScientistMid-Career Salary: $72,200

Product development scientists work in a variety of industries. Generally, they are experts in available technologies, materials, procedures, and research project management. They may also use market research and competitive analyses to design products and research projects.

There are many other interesting and lucrative science jobs, such as research engineers, senior product development scientists, and clinical project managers.