Technical Support Specialist Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Technical Support Specialist?

Technical Support Specialist in Soddy Daisy:
Share knowledge, stress levels, benefits, pay, pepole skills.

Technical Support Specialist in San Jose:
"Great job."
Pros: The shot commute, the pay, the people.
Cons: We were jsut bought out by another company and our value has dropped.

Technical Support Specialist in Elmwood Park:
"Wing it."
You only apply a small percentage of what you learned in school. The rest you will have to pickup on your own, not a bad thing but good to know.

Technical Support Specialist in Streetsboro:
"Advancement Opportunites."
Make sure you obtain certifications.

Technical Support Specialist in Wheeling:
"I love it just need more money for my family."
Pros: Great Perks and Benefits.
Cons: Low income.

Technical Support Specialist in Syracuse:
"All the Things My Boss Doesn't Know About My Job."
My job was completely mis-represented during my interview, mainly because my boss didn't really know what was involved. I'm a graphic designer by training and experience and was told I'd be designing forms for the medical record at the hospital. What I actually do is produce pre-designed records, revise them and and then guide them through review committees and ultimately track them forevermore. When I arrived there was a back-log of about 150 forms in revision. After a couple years I was able to bring everything up to date. Because I was a tenured graphic designer I was able to improve the production process to make it much more efficient. And, because of my interpersonal skills I've been able to develop a rapport with the nursing staff (my main clients). This job requires much patience and in depth knowledge of graphics production and digital software used in the process. I have also joined the Web Team and help maintain web pages on a daily basis.

Technical Support Specialist in Plano:
"Learn to love what you do."
Stay current on new computer systems and software packages.