Behind the Scenes at the Academy Awards
Behind the scenes at the Academy Awards
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The Academy Awards® Jobs: Behind the Scenes
Job Title Pay Type Median Pay 90th Percentile Pay Typical Degree Level
Camera Operator Hourly Wage $19.00 $44.30 Bachelor's
Chauffeur Hourly Wage $16.80 $31.90 High School
Event Planner Annual Salary $48,300 $80,500 Bachelor's
Fashion Designer Annual Salary $58,500 $97,200 Bachelor's
Features Reporter Annual Salary $39,200 $66,300 Bachelor's
Freelance Photographer Hourly Wage $22.50 $84.20 Associate's
Hairdresser Annual Salary $26,800 $58,700 Certificate
Janitor Hourly Wage $9.10 $15.00 High School
Makeup Artist Hourly Wage $17.30 $33.20 Certificate
Music Director Annual Salary $55,600 $129,000 Bachelor's
Production Manager, Television Annual Salary $61,200 $95,100 Bachelor's
Public Relations (PR) Specialist Annual Salary $39,600 $61,100 Bachelor's
Script Writer Annual Salary $37,800 $108,000 Bachelor's
Security Consultant Annual Salary $75,100 $144,000 Bachelor's
Senior Accountant Annual Salary $60,400 $80,300 Bachelor's
Set Designer Annual Salary $44,600 $95,900 Bachelor's
Sound Board Operator Hourly Wage $10.50 $22.50 Associate's
Stage Manager Annual Salary $33,100 $81,700 Bachelor's
Stylist Annual Salary $41,900 $101,000 Bachelor's
Television Director Annual Salary $51,600 $143,000 Bachelor's
Theatrical Lighting Technician Hourly Wage $15.00 $26.00 Associate's
TV Producer Annual Salary $54,500 $101,000 Bachelor's
Web Designer and Developer Annual Salary $40,300 $68,400 Bachelor's
The median pay shown for each job title reflects the typical total cash compensation for that position across all locations and industries. Total cash compensation includes base annual salary or hourly wage, bonuses, profit sharing, tips, commissions, and other forms of cash earnings, as applicable. It stands to reason that those who secure a job behind the scenes at the Academy Awards will be paid on the higher end of the pay distribution. For this reason, we also include the 90th percentile pay as an approximate measure of top earners in the field. Levels of experience vary depending on the job requirements for each position. The typical level of education of people in these job positions is also listed.

Academy Awards® and Oscars® are registered trademarks of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.'s Backstage Look at the 2012 Academy Awards®
Who makes sure that the red carpet arrives on time and the sealed envelope is in the right presenter's hand? For each million-dollar smile we see on TV during the Oscars®, there are dozens of talented people behind the scenes working to pull the whole event together. What do they earn?
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